JUST IN: MoE Releases School Placement For 2023 BECE Candidates

MoE Releases School Placement For 2023 BECE Candidates

The Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service has released the school placement for 2023 BECE candidates.

The school placement for 2023 BECE candidates have been released by the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Ministry of Education (MoE)

The instructions below explain how parents/guardians can use mobile money to purchase school placement eVoucher cards online. They also show how to check and download one’s school placement form in an easy-to-follow manner.

How to Check Your Placement

To check your placement, you will need to visit the CSSPS portal at https://cssps.gov.gh.

You will then be required to enter your index number, serial number, and PIN. Once you have entered these details, you will be able to view your school placement.

How to check your 2023 school placement at cssps.gov.gh

1. Visit the school placement portal

2. Click on check placement

3. Enter your Index number

4. Enter your 10 digit E-voucher pin and

5. Enter your 5 digit pin code

6. Click on proceed and wait a few minutes for the next window to display your school placement.

How To Do Self-Placement

For candidates who were not placed in either of the selected schools, you will be required to go through the self placement module to manually select available senior high schools.

You will need the following to select a school from the self placement portal;

1. Region

2. Your preferred residence

3. Senior High School

4. Your preferred programme or course

After filling in or completing these details in the self placement portal, proceed to click on submit, then print the form. After, head to the selected school to begin your admission process.

Note that, if you did self placement, you can change the school as many times as you want.

We wish you all the best as you proceed to check your school placement, and the very best of luck ahead of your senior high school journey.

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JUST IN: MoE Releases School Placement For 2023 BECE Candidates

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