2024 BECE Mathematics May Mock From Best Brain – Download

  • Best Brain May 2024 BECE Mathematics Mock Uploaded Here For Download

  • There are both Question and Answer files to be downloaded

  • Please read the information provided before you download it to help you.


Candidates preparing for the 2024 BECE, as well as schools, teachers, and parents, can now download the Best Brain May 2024 BECE Mathematics Mock Questions and Answers compiled by Ghanaeducationnews.org for revision purposes.

The questions are those used by Best Brain examiners to assess BECE candidates based on the 2019 Common Core Curriculum.

In all, there are two sets of questions and a solution page shared in this post. These include the objective test questions, the section B or subjective test questions, and the solutions provided by the examiners.

We advise BECE candidates to attempt every question in both sections A and B. We encourage mathematics teachers to assist their candidates in comprehending the steps necessary to arrive at the final answer. Teachers must constantly inform and encourage their candidates to show all relevant work for section B mathematics questions. Write the answers in an orderly and well-presented manner.

Where there is a unit of measure for a particular question, the candidate must use it in the workings and as part of the final answer to score a decent mark for such questions.

Students who are unable to answer given questions must seek help from their teachers and colleagues to help them understand that particular topic and solve such questions.

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Teachers should prepare their candidates for the mathematics paper by taking a critical look at the questions released by both NaCCA and WAEC ahead of the examination.

Parents, teachers, and schools would greatly benefit their candidates if they purchased the Ghana Education News mock examinations for March, April, and May 2024, which include NaCCA and WAEC-styled examination questions with solutions. Candidates preparing for the Common Core Curriculum-based Basic Education Certificate Examination, which WAEC will administer nationwide from July 8th to July 15th, 2024, have made these mock papers their preferred and standard preparation materials.

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Schools should use these mocks to help their students familiarize themselves with the questions WAEC expects candidates to answer in the first Common Core BECE.

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How can I download the “Best Brain May 2024 BECE Mathematics Mock Questions and Answers”

To download the files, follow the steps below.

  1. Please click on the Section A PDF file and download it.
  2. Click on the Section B file to download.
  3. Click on the solution file and download it.

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Download the files now

Objective Test File Download

Subjective Test File Download

Solution file Download

Save all files. You can also print them out and then begin to solve the questions one after the other. We wish all students the best of luck as they gear up for the upcoming BECE, scheduled for July this year.



2024 BECE Mathematics May Mock From Best Brain – Download

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