2023 NSMQ Grand Finale: Can OWASS and MOTOWN Dethrone Presec Legon?

Can Achimota School and Opoku Ware School dethrone Presec Legon in the 2023 NSMQ Grand Finale?

Can they sandwich the 7 time winners and defending champions Presec Boys, Legon and stop them from annexing their 8th championship win?

It is certainly possible. Both Achimota and Opoku Ware are strong contenders, with a history of success in the competition.

It has been 21 years since Opoku Ware laid hands on the trophy. Achimota has won the NSMQ twice, while Opoku Ware has won it three times.

Presec Legon is the most successful school in the history of the NSMQ, with seven titles. However, they have not won the competition since 2019. All three schools have strong teams this year.

The 2023 NSMQ Grand Finale is expected to be a very close contest. All three schools have a chance of winning. It will come down to which team performs best on the day.

Here are some factors that could determine the outcome of the Grand Finale:

  • Teamwork: The team that works best together will have a better chance of winning. This means being able to communicate effectively and support each other through the competition.
  • Knowledge: All three schools have knowledgeable students. However, the team with the deepest knowledge of science and mathematics will have an advantage.
  • Performance under pressure: The NSMQ is a high-pressure competition. The team that is able to perform best under pressure will have a better chance of winning.

What Are The Rounds of the competition

The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) competition consists of five rounds:

  • Round 1: General questions (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)
  • Round 2: Speed race
  • Round 3: Problem of the Day
  • Round 4: True/False
  • Round 5: Riddle

Round 1

In Round 1, each contesting school has to answer 4 Biology, 4 Chemistry, 4 Physics, and 4 Mathematics questions. A wrongly answered question may be carried over as a bonus. Partial credit is sometimes awarded by the quiz mistress.

Round 2

Round 2 is called the speed race. All three schools are presented with the same mainly applied questions at the same time. A school answers a question by ringing the bell. There are no partial credits at this stage and a school gains a maximum of three points for answering a question correctly.

Round 3

Round 3 is known as the Problem of the Day. The contestants are required to solve a single question, worth 10 points, within 4 minutes.

Round 4

True or False statements are given to the contestants in turns. Each school has 15 seconds to answer each question. The school that answers the most questions correctly wins the round.

Round 5

In Round 5, each school is given a riddle to solve. The school that solves the riddle correctly first wins the round.

The school with the most points at the end of the five rounds wins the competition.

The NSMQ is a very competitive competition and the rounds are designed to test the contestants’ knowledge of science and mathematics, as well as their problem-solving skills and ability to perform under pressure.

Overall, the 2023 NSMQ Grand Finale is expected to be a very exciting and unpredictable competition. All three schools have a chance of winning. It will be interesting to see which team comes out on top.

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Personally, I think Achimota has a good chance of winning the 2023 NSMQ Grand Finale. However, Opoku Ware and Presec Legon are also very strong teams, so it is sure to be a close competition.

2023 NSMQ Grand Finale: Can OWASS and MOTOWN Dethrone Presec Legon?

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