2023-2024 Academic Year: Semester 1 for SHS3 and 2 students starts today

2023-2024 Academic Year: Semester 1 for SHS3 and 2 students starts today Download 2023-2024 Academic Calendar 20232024 Academic Calendar Out For Basic Schools And SHS

All SHS3 and SHS2 students are expected to reopen school today, 1st November, 2023, for the first semester of the 2023–2024 academic calendar, as announced by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Per the calendar, all SHS3 and SHS2 students will be in school from November 1 to March 15, 2023. This translates to four months of academic work for final and second year students.

SHS1 students will officially start their first semester of the academic year on December 4th, 2023.

On 21st December, all students in SHS1,2 and 3 will break for the Christmas and New Year festivities. SHS1, 2 and 3 students will return to school on 2nd January, 2024, to continue their academic calendar.

What is the full 2023–2024 academic calendar for SHS3, SHS2, and SHS1 students?

The Academic Year Starts for SHS3 and SHS2 Today, the full calendar is shared below with additional details.


GradeStart DateEnd DateBreak Start DateBreak-End Date
SHS 1December 4, 2023March 15, 2024March 16, 2024May 12, 2024
SHS 2March 8, 2024May 9, 2024May 10, 2024July 11, 2024
SHS 3January 2, 2024March 28, 2024March 29, 2024April 16, 2024

They will break on March 5th for Ghana’s Independence Celebration and return to school again until March 16th, 2024. Their vacation date for semester 1 is therefore March 15, 2024.


TrackFirst SemesterBreak
SHS 14th December 2023–5th March 20246th March 2024–12th May 2024
SHS 28th March 2024–9th May 202410th May 2024–11th July 2024
SHS 32nd January 2024–28th March 202429th March 2024–16th April 2024

They will break on March 5 for Ghana’s Independence Celebration. Their vacation date for semester 1 is therefore March 5, 2024.

Second Semester for SHS3, SHS2, and SHS1

YearSemesterStart DateEnd Date
SHS 1SecondMay 13, 2024July 9, 2024
SHS 1SecondSeptember 3, 2024November 15, 2024
SHS 2SecondJuly 12, 2024November 15, 2024
SHS 3SecondApril 17, 2024August 23, 2024

When will SHS 3 and 2 students start their 2023–2024 academic year?

According to the newly issued academic calendar, students in SHS 3 and SHS 2 will begin their first semester of the 2023–2024 academic calendar on November 1, 2023.

It should be noted that not all SHS students have the same reopening date for SHS and calendar, depending on the class they are in.

When will SHS1 students who wrote the 2023 BECE start their 2023–2024 academic year?

The released GES academic calendar shows that all SHS1 students will be in school on December 4, 2023.

This means the following will happen between November 1 and December 4:

  1. The West African Examination Council will release the BECE results for 2023.
  2. The GES, in consultation with the Ministry of Education and the Free SHS Secretariat, will release the 2023–2024 school placements for graduates who sat the 2023 BECE.
  3. Parents and their wards will be visiting the free SHS schools the students have been placed in to complete the enrollment process.
  4. All SHS1 students placed and those who do self-placement will be expected to be in school on the 4th of December to start their first semester.

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Parents, students, teachers, and all stakeholders in education are to take note of the academic calendar as released by the Ghana Education Service for the 2023–2024 academic year.

2023-2024 Academic Year: Semester 1 for SHS3 and 2 students starts today

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