3 Best Countries To Study Abroad As An International Student

Best countries to study as an International student

For many international students, studying abroad may be a life-changing experience. Here are the best countries to study abroad as an International student.

This post is about 3 Best Countries To Study Abroad As An International Student. Get all the best information available right in this post to help you take an informed decision when you decide it is time to taste international education.

As an international student studying abroad, you get to view the world through new eyes, have access to high-quality education, explore and adapt to new cultures, and pursue a variety of job prospects.

Best Countries to Study Abroad

1. Austria

Ancient architecture, castles, and cathedrals can be found here. The Republic of Austria is a landlocked republic in Central Europe’s southernmost region, nestled in the Eastern Alps. According to the United Nations Development Program, Austria ranks 25th in the world in terms of education.

It is the most popular location for international students due to its comparatively inexpensive educational system when compared to other European destinations. This is not surprising given that the literacy rate in Austria is approximately 99.00%, according to Wikipedia.

The cost of education as an international student varies depending on the study program. However, the cost of studying in Austria ranges from 3000EUR, to 23,000EUR every academic year, according to the Master’s webpage.

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2. Poland

When applying for overseas studies, Poland is one of the top nations to consider. Poland has an adult literacy rate of 98.74%, making it one of the most economically developed countries in Eastern Europe.

When compared to the rest of Europe, studying in Poland is very inexpensive. According to the Masters webpage, tuition fees for a Bachelor’s degree range from 500EUR-6000EUR, and tuition expenses for a Master’s degree range from 1000EUR-8000EUR.

3. Sweden

Sweden, which is currently located in Eastern Europe, is a power to be reckoned with in terms of education. According to Wikipedia, with a literacy rate of approximately 99.00%, you may expect to get the most out of your studies in Sweden.

Sweden has relatively high tuition fees. According to the Master portal, an international student can expect to spend between 7500 and 25500 EUR per year, depending on the university and field of study.

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Following the conclusion of your degree, the Swedish government permits you to apply for a 12-month post-study visa. This implies you can easily find work in Sweden after finishing your school.


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