Importance of examinations in the lives of students

Final 2023 BECE Timetable and 5 Key BECE Exam Rules Students Always Forget Importance of examinations in the lives of students

Every graduate soon forgets the struggles of studying and preparing for examinations, but how many of them really appreciate the importance of preparing and sitting for the examinations they wrote while in college?

Preparing for an examination is no child’s play, and writing the examination itself can be very stressful, to say the least.

Teachers, school authorities, examiners and examination bodies attest to the fact that, taking tests and final examinations remain one of the best ways of assessing to know how much a student has learned, developed and acquired in terms of knowledge.


Importance of examinations in the lives of students


Examination often benefits students or learners more than the examiner or the teacher testing the candidates. Let us take a critical look at the benefits of examination to students in general.

It aids in the Assessment of knowledge. Thus, since examinations are structured and systematic in assessing the knowledge and understanding of students, it offers learners a rare opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and ideas. It is an opportunity for learners to demonstrate their ability to not only recall but also demonstrate their thinking and analytical skills and to solve real life or hypothetical challenges.

Examinations Act as important Feedback loops for student improvement

Once a student sits for an examination, he or she receives feedback in the form of results. These results long with the comments shared by the teacher or examiner go a long way to help learners identify their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, an opportunity is created to help them make the needed corrections and improve on their performance in subsequent assessments.

 Examinations offer learners an opportunity to study and get focused on studying. When students have an examination to take, their commitment to studying and understanding topics taught is enhanced. It compels them to be more disciplined and focused towards attaining a goal, such as making grade A in all the subjects.

It helps learners to learn and retain facts. This further helps to train the brain to be responsive and to retain facts the learner has engaged with during the study period.

Students, as a result of preparing for examinations, develop their critical thinking skills since they are compelled to apply knowledge in answering application related questions. This develops their critical thinking skills and problem-solving prowess.

The examination and the resulting outcomes help students to know their weaknesses as far as the curriculum is concerned. This helps them to work on the areas that need improvement. Without examinations, it is often difficult to tell the challenges a student is facing.

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There are several benefits of taking an exam which have not been discussed here. We encourage you to do more research and to come out with more benefits students gain from examinations conducted in school.

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Importance of examinations in the lives of students

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