UN is recruiting young leaders to collect youth thoughts on technology in education: Apply here

UN is recruiting young leaders to collect youth thoughts on technology in education Apply here

UN is recruiting young leaders to collect youth thoughts on technology in education. Are you interested?  if yes, keep reading.

The Global Education Monitoring Report is partnering with Restless Development to run a series of youth-led regional consultations to inform the development of the 2024 Youth Report on technology in education. We are looking to recruit 5 youth leaders to run regional consultations in Asia, the Arab States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America. These will join consultations in Africa, organized by Restless Development, and in Oceania, organized by the GEM Report Youth Advisor, Ellen Dixon from the Global Students Forum.

Each consultation will bring together youth leaders, youth organizations, student associations and other stakeholders working on technology in education. The aim of the consultations is to collect youth thoughts on when technology’s use in education is appropriate and equitable, and when it is not.

A Youth Report with a focus on the challenges and opportunities of the use of technology in education

The 2023 GEM Report on technology in education: A tool on whose terms? examined the education challenges (equity and inclusion; quality; system management) to which appropriate use of education technology can offer solutions and the system-wide conditions (access to technology, governance and regulation, and teacher preparation) that need to be met for education technology to reach its full potential.

Taking from the consultations being run by its youth leaders, its youth edition will examine the challenges and opportunities of the use of technology in education for youth. A global survey was run by Restless Development and the GEM Report earlier in the year concluded that the report should focus on equity and relevance. The report will therefore address the need for the use of technology to be appropriate for the context, while ensuring that it is not leaving learners behind.  It will also address some of the biggest challenges of the use of technology in education, such as threats to privacy, lack of infrastructure and devices, and lack of digital skills.

Next step: UN is recruiting young leaders- Regional youth-led consultations

The consultations will run from this month until January 2024.

Youth leaders recruited for the roles, organizing a regional consultation will:

  • Attend a half-day workshop to understand the regional consultation methodology animated by Restless Development.
  • Adapt the methodology to the regional context in preparation for the regional consultation.
  • Support the mobilization of at least 50 participants from the region.
  • Identify and brief a rapporteur and at least two co-facilitators to lead break-out sessions ahead of the regional consultation that will support with note taking and co-facilitation.
  • Organize and animate an online workshop with youth representatives to collect evidence and examples to inform the development of the 2024 Youth Report.
  • Prepare a 2-page consultation report summarizing the key points discussed during the consultation, as well as sharing the transcribed notes.
  • Support the dissemination of the final youth report across their networks and potentially participating in launch events at national, regional and global levels.
  • Engage in a global consultation with other regional leads to consolidate the regional findings into global findings.

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UN is recruiting young leaders : How can you be involved?

  1. Share the call for expressions of interest with youth leaders and organizations working in your region.
  2. Apply to the call for expressions of interest.
  3. Join consultations taking place in your region, which will be announced in this page.
  4. Participate in outreach and communication activities around the #2024YouthReport.
  5. Read the #2024YouthReport on technology in education due out in the first half of 2024.
UN is recruiting young leaders to collect youth thoughts on technology in education: Apply here

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