How to write a winning PhD Statement of Purpose (SOP) that sets you apart

winning PhD Statement of Purpose How To Apply For A Scholarship

Writing a winning PhD Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the fastest ways to secure a scholarship and set yourself apart in the competition. But more often than not, many applicants get lost as to who to write the Ph.D. Statement of Purpose (SOP), what to include and what not to include leading to the crafting of the empty statement of purpose

Dr Jillian Goldfarb (Associate Professor, Cornell University) asked “How can a PhD applicant write a genuine Statement of Purpose (SOP) that sets them apart?

Your PhD Statement of Purpose (SOP) should convince the admissions committee of 3 things:


You are human: Write a  compelling reason that should include your motivation to pursue a #PhD and show why you are uniquely qualified to do it.

You have identified at least a broad knowledge gap in the field. You have read enough of the scientific literature to understand that there are areas of #research to be done. If these areas are studied, the world will change because … (explain knowledge gap, research needed, how it will impact the world).

Your prior experiences (whether in the lab or not) prepare you to take on the degree. You must give specific reasons as to why what you’ve done previously will ensure your success in grad school.

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Things the SOP does NOT need to do:

🧸 Tell the committee your entire life story (your 5-year-old passion for the ocean isn’t going to prove you “get it”).
🧪 Tell your prospective faculty advisor that you want to work with them (they’ll get the picture).
🚀 List your accomplishments (your CV does that).

The best SOPs leave the committee with the impression: This is a student who understands what a Ph.D. is all about, why they are well suited to work on the topic, how they are going to accomplish the degree, and why we need them at our university.

Check out some tips below (and some criticism of the “formula” I tend to see in many documents).

Remember to check specific SOP requirements for each of the programs to which you’re applying. You’ll likely need to tweak the SOP for each program to which you apply.”

We hope this piece on how to write a  winning PhD Statement of Purpose helps you.

How to write a winning PhD Statement of Purpose (SOP) that sets you apart


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