2024 Türkiye Government Scholarships For International Students | Fully Funded Scholarship To Turkey

2024 Türkiye Government Scholarships for International Students

The 2024 Türkiye Government Scholarships is now open to all international students. Move and study in Turkey, 2024.

Aside from giving international education possibilities and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Türkiye also provides scholarships to international students from all over the world to study at the most famous universities in Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded, competitive scholarship program for excellent students and researchers to pursue full-time or short-term programs at Turkey’s best universities.

Türkiye Scholarships seeks to establish a network of future leaders dedicated to strengthening international cooperation and mutual understanding across societies.

The Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded higher education scholarship program offered by the Republic of Turkey for overseas students. The major goal of Türkiye Scholarships is to give equitable opportunity for successful students around the world to acquire them.


This scholarship is available to all international students in the world

Benefits of the Turkey Government Scholarship

  1. Covers all the tuition fees.
  2. Allows you to learn the language of the country by taking a one-year Turkish language course. As a result, your academic research has more diverse resources, and your daily life is more enjoyable.
  3. Offers accommodations for students relocating to the country
  4. This program includes your one-time flight ticket to and from Turkey, as well as your return to your home nation after your studies.
  5. Covers your health insurance
  6. Also includes a monthly stipend. Monthly stipend is 3,500 TL for undergraduates, 5,000 TL for master’s students, and 6,500 TL for PhD students.

Documents Needed For The 2024 Türkiye Government Scholarships

  • A valid identity document (Passport)
  • A photograph of the applicant taken within the last year
  • Degree certificate (For graduates)
  • Academic Transcripts
  • International exam results (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.) if required by the chosen university or program
  • International language test results such as TOEFL, DELF if required by the chosen university or program
  • A proposal for a research topic and a written example of the research you have carried out (only for PhD applications)

How To Apply


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2024 Türkiye Government Scholarships For International Students | Fully Funded Scholarship To Turkey

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