How to Buy BECE Results Checker with Momo and Online

Education-News Consult To Refund 2023 BECE Result Checker Payments To Unserved Customers On Monday Follow this "How to Buy BECE Results Checker with Momo and Online" to buy gernuines WAEC checker cards to check your BECE results. Why 2023 BECE candidates must check their result as soon it is released and how to buy BECE result checker online have been explained here

It is time to master this “How to Buy BECE Results Checker with Momo and Online” ahead of the release of the 2023 BECE Results. You will surely need it. 

Upon the release of the BECE results, several sellers will emerge, many of whom are scammers. Wondering how to buy genuine 2023 BECE result checkers?

Find the answer in this “How to Buy BECE Results Checker with Momo and Online” post as we share with you another safe business in Ghana that offers this service.

Mawulepe Ventures is one of the best and most reliable sources for result checkers. They are ranked in the top five as one of the best one-stop shops for electronic vouchers. Their slogan, “We serve you with speed,” tells you how swiftly they deliver service to clients.

Get a genuine BECE results checker from Mawulepe Ventures to check the 2023 BECE results released by WAEC from a genuine source to avoid fraud. Kindly use this process to purchase your checkers to be safe.

How to Buy a BECE Results Checker with Momo and Online

You can visit their online purchase store at and select BECE as the checker and the quantity you wish to buy.


Use the MTN short code and follow the process below.


1. Dial *170#
2. Select MomoPay and Paybill.
3. Select paybill
4. Select General Payment
4. Enter the payment code: MAWU.
5. Enter the amount: 17 (Enter 34, 51 if you want to buy 2, 3.)
6. Enter reference: BECE

7. Enter your Momo pin to complete the transaction.

Congratulations on buying your result checker with this procedure. Your result-checking code will be sent instantly via SMS after a successful payment.

Bulk purchases of BECE result checkers

For those who want to buy the result checking cards in bulk, kindly get in touch with Mawulepe Ventures on WhatsApp. For bulk purchases and any inquiries, kindly WhatsApp

For any inquiries or challenges using the system, kindly call 0240863948.
If you are having challenges using the online process, kindly use the MoMo process.

When checking your result, ensure that you key in your details carefully. A mistake or wrong entry of any of the required details can mess up the result checker, and you will have to buy another one.

Also, be careful not to buy fake checkers from the wrong sources. All BECE result checker sources published on this portal are reliable and credible, and we encourage you to buy from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Buying Result Checkers

In this post, we have answered the following questions:

How to Buy BECE Results Checker with Momo or How to Buy Results Checker Online

The step-by-step guide is provided in this post. Follow it to get your check delivered through SMS.

Where to buy valid result checkers and not be scammed

Buy from Mawulepe Ventures.

How to buy result checkers in bulk

For bulk purchases and any inquiries, kindly WhatsApp

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Are there fake result checkers online and on social media?

Yes, there are fake result checkers online and on social media.

How to Buy BECE Results Checker with Momo and Online

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