Princess Asante Wins $25K From American YouTuber Mr Beast In A Giveaway – More Details

Ashesi Alumna, Princess Asante wins $25K from Mr.Beast giveaway on X formerly Twitter. The Ghanaian-US based was among the winners.

An Ashesi alumna Princess Asante has become the talk of the day after she won a massive sum of money from famous American YouTuber Mr Beast.

Meet the Ghanaian US based lady, Princess Asante who just won a $25,000 from Mr. Beast’s giveaway on X.

The former student of Ashesi University was part of the 10 lucky people who won $25,000 (GH¢304,000) after reposting Mr Beast’s post on X then called Twitter. The joyous news has taken over social media as many people shared their thoughts on her win.

An Ashesi alumna, Princess Asante is on top of the charts for the day for being the sole Ghanaian to win a huge sum of money from Mr Beast.

According to reports, Princess Asante currently works at Bloomberg LP in the United States as a Software Engineer.

Princess Asante  is one of the lucky 10 people on X who won the $25,000 from the giveaway from Mr Beast.

Per the exchange rate (on Google), the $25,000 is equivalent to GH¢304,000.

Not only her being the African to win the giveaway from the famous YouTuber; A young Nigerian Nutritionist was also among the list of winners.

Check out the list of winners below from Mr. Beast;

Read some comments from some Ghanaians below;

@GhanaYesu_: “This shows that Ashantis are the rulers ofrs in Ghana. See the way Princess Asante won Mr Beast’s giveaway with ease. Nii Kpakpo and Agbetenyo can’t relate”

@BenopaOnyx1: “Princess Asante completed Dwamena Akenten SHS. Mr Beast chose the right person”

@the_marcoli_boy: “Mr Beast give Princess Asante $25K , she put padlock for en account top cuz she knows her country people and begging”

@unrulyking00: “Ghanaian women really studied Nana Addo’s life style paaa. Greedy and wicked souls just look at Princess Asante who won the $25,000 giveaway from Mr Beast. She deactivated her account smh”

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Princess Asante Wins $25K From American YouTuber Mr Beast In A Giveaway – More Details

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