2023 BECE Results and School Placement Lies You Must Never Believe

2023 BECE graduates to do self-placement as only a little over 300,000 candidates have been automaticlly placed 2023 BECE Results and School Placement Lies You Must Never Believe 2023 School Placement: GES update on 2023 School Placement projected release date and more

This post on “2023 BECE Results and School Placement Lies You Must Never Believe” has become necessary due to the false information out there, which is either giving candidates fake hope, getting them confused, or giving them false hope.

Since the release of the results, we have had several questions from candidates who are trying hard to verify the accuracy of the information out there.

Some of the accurate information out there is as follows:

  1. SHS1 students will report to school on December 4th, 2023, and break for Christmas and the New Year on December 21st, 2023, then return to school on January 2nd, 2024.
  2. Your result will not change when you check it multiple times.

Projected 2023 School Placement Release Date

The Education Blog has projected that the school placement will be between November 22 and November 26, 2023.

2023 BECE Results and School Placement Lies You Must Never Believe

Question: Please, is the school placement in to check? And can you use the same card for checking your results to check placement, or do you have to buy a new one?

Others are saying the BECE result checker will be used to check school placement.

This is false, and do not believe it. There is a different code you have to buy for checking placement. The school placement is checked on the CSSPS portal, which is owned and managed by the GES and the Free SHS Secretariat.

Is it true that the current 2023 B.E.C.E. results circulating are fake and WAEC has made a mistake?

Wow, this question is very strange, but the information contained in it is actually going around. The truth is, the results released are accurate and not fake. WAEC has not made a mistake, and the results are not going to change either. The 2023 BECRE result released by WAEC is not fake.

My BECE result has changed from aggregate 10 to 18 after I checked a second time.

This is a blatant falsehood. Parents, watch out if your ward tells you this. It is a big lie. He or she got exactly what he or she is now showing you. Students have a funny way of avoiding responsibility when BECE results are released.

I remember in 2019, I checked a BECE result for a candidate in my business office in East Legon. The young girl went to hide the result and wrote some grades on a piece of paper for the parents, who were not too educated. Out of excitement, they came to the office to confirm. I was very familiar with the student and his family. I told them the result they have is not accurate, and I checked it for the student. They bought a new checker card to check, and what they saw matched the actual results I told them about.

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Do not believe all the stories students are telling you.


Source: Wisdom HAMMOND | EducationBlog.Org

2023 BECE Results and School Placement Lies You Must Never Believe

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