2023 BECE graduates with aggregate 25-45 should get ready: Danger Ahead

2023 BECE graduates with Aggregate 25-45 Should Get Ready: Danger Ahead

Students who obtained aggregates of 25–45 in the 2023 BECE are not likely to be placed in their first or second choice for any grade. Getting placed in a third choice is also very slim, and there is danger ahead.

2023 BECE graduates with Aggregate 25-45 Should Get Ready, There Is Danger Ahead

Do not be deceived, because if you choose eleven schools, you will be placed in one. In fact, many students will miss all eleven schools.

While some students make bad grades between 25 and 45, others perform well, and there is no way GES will place students with grades between 25 and 45 ahead of their colleagues who studied well and made the best grades.

It is possible that students who obtained aggregates of 25–45 were advised time and again to study, but they never took them seriously. If your aggregate is between 25 and 45, do not deceive yourself into thinking that WAEC marked you down or that you wrote better answers and deserved better grades.

It is very unlikely that students who write very good answers in the BECE will get such poor grades.

One of the reasons why many BECE candidates or JHS students have performed poorly in the BECE in recent times is the absence of a cut-off aggregate for enrollment in SHS. If this is reintroduced, students will be more serious and hard-working.

The poor candidate preparation given by schools is also a contributing factor to the poor results obtained by students. Students write mocks, and they and their parents never see the scripts but are issued grades. As to whether these papers were marked by the teachers, that is another issue.

Again, schools write mocks and revise the questions with the students, but they do not do a careful analysis of the weaknesses exhibited by individual students.

Parents and candidates are now worried following the release of the BECE results because they chose secondary schools based on their taste instead of academic strength. Now that the results are out, everyone is asking if his or her ward will be placed in their first or second choice.

But how can you be placed in your first choice from Category A or B when your aggregate score is poor in the ranges of 25–45?

Your grades 25–45 do not merit you a placement in grade A or B schools for any of the programmes on offer. It will take a high level of luck for a student with an aggregate between 25 and 45 to find his or her way into a category B school.

Parents and students who are not placed in their most preferred schools do not deserve it, given their aggregate. They should not go around pretending their learners excelled in the examination.

The funny thing is that some parents are not aware that the higher the aggregate, the poorer their learners perform. If you are a 2023 BECE graduate with an aggregate score of between 25 and 45, it also means your final raw score, which will also be used to determine your placement, is more likely to be between the ranges of 270 and 200.

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Such raw scores will never earn you a placement in category A or B schools. If your first choice came from category C schools, there is a possibility of being placed in one such school. From the above, it means such students will be forced to do self-placement if they are not placed.

2023 BECE graduates with aggregate 25-45 should get ready: Danger Ahead

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