Fetish Priestess Storms Lashibi SHS Over Son’s Stolen Phone(Video)

In a video which has started making waves on the internet, a woman was seen at the premises of Lashibi Senior High School(SHS) in Accra over his son’s stolen phone.
According to report, a student in the Lashibi SHS allegedly stole the Fetish Priestess’ son’s mobile phone. The woman came to the campus, without any approval or permission from the school authorities to lay cúrsës on the person who stole his son’s mobile phone.

According to the voiceover in the video, there were no security at the time.

Watch the video below

This comes few days after the fight between two final year students in Adisadel College. It has been revealed that the two students of Adisadel College seen in a viral video were bickering over a SIM Card and a Mobile Phone.

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The two students are mates in the same dormitory in Quaque House. The student who was hurt in the video had his Phone with his mate, in an attempt to retrieve the phone, a fight broke out leading to his injury which was captured on video.

The two students reportedly told the Housemaster after the incident that they were playing when the injury happened.

The Housemaster who has been suspended by the school, gave the injured student, hot water and a towel to nurse his injury without referring him to the hospital or further investigating the incident.

The incident which happened around 4 pm on June 30 only came to light on Monday, July 24 after the video was posted on social media.

Both students – the victim and the perpetrator – have been suspended indefinitely. The victim will be escorted to Adisadel College to write his final exams while the perpetrator will not be allowed to write his final exams from the school.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has condemned the incident at Adisadel College.

The Ghana Education Service in a statement signed by its public relations head, Cassandra Twum Ampofo described the incident as a “barbaric act of violence” and assured that GES is “committed to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all students across the country.”

Meanwhile, a concerned parent of a student attending Adisadel College in Cape Coast has narrated a distressing tale of how law and order seem to have completely broken down within the one-time prestigious educational institution.

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Fetish Priestess Storms Lashibi SHS Over Son’s Stolen Phone(Video)


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