BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS After BECE Results Are Released

BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS After BECE Result Release

Fact: Some BECE Graduates Will Miss Free SHS Admission After BECE Results Are Released. Get All The Facts In This Post.

The release of the BECE results comes with mixed feelings, but more importantly, there are five categories of students who often miss Free SHS after the release of the BECE results and school placements.

In this post, we look at all these classes of students and the alternatives they have if they want to access secondary education.

BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS

BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS After BECE Results Are Released Fall Under One of These Three Categories.

#1. Those Who Failed in Mathematics or Integrated Science

When the BECE results are released, candidates are then placed in schools based on a combination of grades and raw scores. But if a BECE graduate fails in Mathematics and or Integrated Science, the possibility of not being placed is very high, irrespective of him or her choice of up to eleven schools.

Failing the BECE means obtaining grade 9 in one or more subjects. Since mathematics and integrated science are core subjects, a student who obtains grade 9 in any of these is often not placed. When such a student checks his or her placement, there will be no school into which he or she has been placed; instead, a message indicating he or she has not been placed shows up.

Such students have two windows of opportunity to make it to secondary school. The fastest window is for the parents to enroll the student in a private senior high school.

The second means of accessing secondary education is for the student to re-sit the BECE as a private student and excel, then choose schools all over again using the school selection portal for private BECE candidates.

#2. Those Whose BECE Results Are Cancelled

When the BECE is released, the results of students caught in the examination malpractice act are cancelled by WAEC if the council has enough evidence that a particular candidate cheated in the examination or broke the examination rules before or during the conduct of the examination.

The cancelled BECE result may mean a subject being cancelled, more than one subject being cancelled,, or all the subjects being cancelled. In some cases, a student may have his or her result cancelled by WAEC cancels the results of the school that registered the candidate.

Such candidates will have incomplete or pending results for a long time. This will prevent the GES from placing them in any of the schools of their choice.

Such candidates will need to often meet WAEC’s investigative team to convince them of not engaging in any wrongdoing. If their plea is accepted, the results will be released at a later date.

Until their results are released by WAEC, they will not be enrolled in any Free SHS in the country, and private SHSs are also very careful in admitting such students.

The only alternative for such students is to re-sit the BECE as private candidates and excel, then proceed to the Secondary School.

#3. Absentees from Core Subject Exams

It is common knowledge that the BECE grades and raw scores are calculated using the results of the four core subjects (Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, and Integrated Science) plus two other best subjects (ICT, RME, Ghanaian Language, French, and Basic Design and Technology).

If during the examination, a candidate misses one or more of the core subjects, this will affect his or her results and grade. Calculating his or her raw scores will be a challenge. Such a student will not be admitted to secondary school.

The only way out is for him or her to prepare all over again and re-sit the missed core subjects and any other subjects missed. Once he or she passes the exam, chances are that the student will be placed in a free SHS the next year.

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Students, parents and stakeholders need to be aware of the above and their implications on candidates’ chances of being placed in a secondary school after the BECE results have been released. This BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS post has cleared the doubts in our minds ahead of what is to come.

BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS After BECE Results Are Released

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4 thoughts on “BECE Graduates Who Will Miss Free SHS After BECE Results Are Released

  1. Thank you for bringing us authentic news about education in this country. Analyzing the this particular news, I am of the following opinion:
    There probably should be a way to get students who fail a paper to resit that or those papers.before schools reopen.
    This is because failed papers may be due to the said student or students being bed ridden hence being unable to sit for the exams.

    Government should consider changing the caption free SHS to say Government support scheme for basic school graduates as the scheme is best with high cost of expenses to parents and guardians.

    Private secondary schools may need assistance to receive overflow of bece students to ensure sustainable scheme of education of Ghanaian youths.

    Government schools need improved monitoring system to avert the frequently occuring under dealings.

    1. Nii Nmai Osekre, you raised very valid points here and I will work on it as a post so that others will also read this suggestions you put forth just in case they do not see it under this particular post.

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