2023 WASSCE And BECE Apor Registration Underway

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Do you know 2023 WASSCE And BECE Apor Registration underway at the blind side of WAEC?

Examination leakage syndicates in Ghana and Nigeria are taking the fight against examination malpractice seriously, as they have already started registering students and parents who want to have access to leaked examination questions.

Information gathered by Education Blog shows that, nearly all, these examination leakage groups have stopped using WhatsApp for their operations.

2023 WASSCE And BECE Apor Registration Underway On Telegram

Currently, they carry out their illegal trade in leaked papers on Telegram and have so many followers or members in their respective groups.

The groups in which candidates register to be served leaked questions and answers at least 12 hours before the start of a paper remain active and are buzzing with activities.

Registration for a BECE leaked paper or WASSCE leaked exam questions with answers starts from GHS100.00 per candidates. Upon registration, the applicant is added to a new group by the administrations. This group is known as the VVIP groups.

Those in the groups are mainly from Nigeria and Ghana, from the West African Examination Council countries.

Per the latest update posted in one of these groups, the ongoing WASSCE in Nigeria is being traded.

The admins have promised to release the following papers and answers.

Tuesday, 6th June 2023 – Economics 2 (Essay and Objectives)


Another message left on the platform indicated as follows…

“Nigeria WASSCE has been great so far… The GHANAIAN Candidates….what are you waiting for???…”
“Why are you not in the best VVIP group yet…you don’t want good grades ??”

WAEC Ghana must sit up and not take these groups for granted. Again, students who are seeking for leaked papers have become wiser and extra careful hence, they do not release these papers online as was in the past. This means if WAEC wants to really fight examination malpractices, it needs to go after the syndicates on Telegram and effect arrests through the police and other security agencies in the country.

For now, WAEC is only fighting examination malpractices from the wrong end of the leakage chain, which is the students. Until the root cause of leakages are uprooted, the crime will only get lucrative and sophisticated.

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The WAEC Ghana needs to get into action and halt the crime before the start of the 2023 BECE and WASSCE, and this must start from the Telegram pages. Will WAEC fight it? Will WAEC take steps to take the most dirty work in the fight against examination leakage? Well, it has done little to show it is committed to the fight got now.

2023 WASSCE Apor Registration are going just as that of BECE. For now it is a free for all for those engaged in the business on Telegram.

Source: EductionBlog

2023 WASSCE And BECE Apor Registration Underway

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