2024 BECE RME Mock Full Objective Test Questions With Answers

2024 BECE RME Mock Objective Test All Basic Schools To Vacate Next Week; Check Out The Term 2 Reopening Date

Candidates, teachers, and schools preparing for the 2024-2026 BECE can make good use of these 2024 BECE RME Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers For Students,


2024 BECE RME Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers For Students

Answer All Questions

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Each question is followed by four options lettered A to D. Find out the correct option for each question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question.

1. God created the two great lights in the heavens in order to ………
A. show his mercy.
B. create night and day.
C. give life to the earth.
D. provide heart to the earth.


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2. According to the Akan belief, the order of creation is ……….
A. earth, rivers, plants, and sky.
B. rivers, plants, earth and sky
C. sky, earth, rivers and plants.
D. plants, rivers, sky and earth.

3. A corrupt practice common in officers in Ghana is …….
A. armed robbery
B. environmental degradation.
C. over-invoicing.
D. prostitution.

4. Which of the following does not promote progress in a society?
A. Corruption.
B. Reconciliation.
C. Communal labour.
D. Confession.
5. We can save some money earned through the following means except ……
A. staking lottery.
B. susu box.
C. banks.
D. sound investments.

6. If you take your time and dissect the stomach of an ant, you will see its intestines. This teaches
us to be ….
A. patient.
B. reserve and calm in life.
C. able to work hard like the ant.
D. eat ants if we went to be hardworking.

7. Some environmental taboos have helped ……….
A. our fisher folks to have control over the seas
B. our farmers to till large portions of the land.
C. preserve our forests.
D. have led to the destruction of our cultural heritage.

8. The fourth Caliph was ……..
A. Abu Bakr Al Saddiq.
B. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab.
C. Uthman Ibn Affan
D. Ali Ibn Abu Talib.

9. The Possessor of Two Lights refers to which of the Caliphs?
A. Abu Bakr Al Saddiq.
B. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab,
C. Uthman Ibn Affan.
D. Ali Ibn Abu Talib.

10. Doing homework and projects means that ……
A. there is seriousness in our lives
B. we are obeying school rules.
C. we have little time to sleep at home
D. we prefer homework to school work.


2024 BECE RME Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers 11-20

11. Giving of Zakar is an example of a ……….
A. religious rule.
B. school rule.
C. national rule
D. community rule

12. A Muslim pays last respect to the dead is by ……….
A. offering Janazah.
B. burial with a coffin.
C. dressing the corpse in suit
D. sacrificing a ram

13. During naming ceremonies, the baby is given drops of water and wine to signify that he should be
A. truthful.
B. patients.
C. brave
D. obedient.

14. From the Dagomba narration of creation, the creator of all things is ………
A. Naawuni
B. Okeyrema.
C. Abossom
D. Lisa

15. A get rich quick attitude can lead to ………
A. honest acquisition of wealth
B. hard work
C progress and prosperity
D. bribery and corruption.

16. In the creation story, God ordered Adam to ……..
A. subdue and fill the earth.
B. take good care of eve
C. worship him regularly
D. eat all the fruits in the garden.

17. “Atumpan”, who is the last of God’s creation in Akan Traditional religion is ……..
A. death
B. hell
C. heaven
D. the divine drummer

18. Dirges as traditional songs are ………
A. to praise and hail chiefs
B. to hoot at people with evil spirits.
C. to recreate and entertain people.
D. solemn songs sung at funerals.

19. The cutlass given to a boy at puberty signifies ………
A. acceptance into the military sect
B. bravery and courage.
C. readiness to defend the community.
D. working to maintain himself and the family

20. The growth of pubic hair is a sign of ……..
A motherhood.
B. pregnancy.
C. puberty.
D. respect.


2024 BECE RME Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers 21-30

21. The name Moses means ……..
A. washed in water
B. drawn out of water.
C. abandoned in water
D. baptized with water.

22. In traditional society, taboos help people to ……….
A. behave well
B. believe in their gods,
C. know their gods
D. perform sacrifices

23. The three main religions in Ghana teach that ………
A. spirits plead on our behalf.
B. love and honesty are Godliness.
C. God will save the wrong docr
D. God is resting after creation.

24. The statement “time is money” implies that time is …….
A. precious
B. limitless
C. life
D. everything.

25. The parable of Jesus that teaches love and mercy is the parable of ……..
A mustard seed.
B. lost coin.
C. ten virgins
D good Samaritan.

26. The first Muezzin was …….
A. Ali
B. Bilal
C. Ibrahim
D. Musah

27. A baby is named after birth because it …….
A. is a gift from God.
B. needs to be identified
C. needs to be cared for.
D. must be out doored.

28. The Caliph Abu Bakr was referred to as Saddiq by Mohammed due to his …..
A. courage
B. tolerance
C. truthfulness
D. generosity

29. In traditional society, a new born child yet to be named is regarded as a/an….
A. ancestor
B. gift.
C. spirit
D. visitor

30. One cannot be feasting at the same time and become rich is a proverb which encourages us to ….
A. party often
B. enjoy as we cam our income
C. save and make prudent uses of our resources
D. use parties to make wealth.


2024 BECE RME Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions With Answers 31-40

31. Obedience to the law of the state can make us ……….
A. fearful and honest citizens
B. gentle and loving citizens
C. patriotic and good citizens
D. tolerant and good citizens

32. The purpose of the school rules and regulations is to ………
A. get pupils punished.
B. encourage pupils to become pastors.
C. promote good conditions for work.
D. reward obedient pupils.

33. Laws which guide the behavior or actions of people in society are …….
A. rights.
B. obligations.
C. rules and regulations.
D. freedom.

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34. Which of the following religious leader believed to be born with a talisman at hand?
A. Jesus Christ.
B. Prophet Mohammed.
C. Okomfo Anokye
D. Nana Osei Tutu I

35. What did Mawu use to create human beings according to the Ewe story of creation?
A. Clay and blood.
B. Water and blood.
C. Water and clay
D. Blood and plants

36. In advising the youth, the elderly usually ends with the proverb …….
A. patience moves mountains.
B. a rolling stone gathers no moss.
C. a child cracks snails and not tortoise.
D. a word to a wise is enough.

37. As for those who abuse believing men and women unjustifiably, they will definitely bear
the guilt of slander and blatant sin. This Qur’anic verse teaches against ……….
A. outburst of anger
B. impatience
C. teasing and mischievousness
D. laziness.

38. According to Proverbs chapter 11, the use of false balance is ………
A. a delight in the eyes of God
B. makes us smart in business.
C. will help us make wealth.
D. an abomination before God.

39. In Ghana, the main statutory body that takes care of the pension needs of people is ……….
A. Bank Ghana
C. Ghana Commercial Bank.
D. Pensions House.

40. Caliph Abubakar led prayers in the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed because the prophet …….
A. was tired.
B. was sick.
C. wanted to test him.
D. had travelled.


OBJECTIVES ASNWERS : 2024 BECE RME Mock 1 Full Objective Test Questions 


1.      B6.      A11.  A16.  A21.  B26.  B31.  C36.  D
2.      C7.      C12.  A17.  D22.  A27.  B32.  C37.  C
3.      C8.      D13.  A18.  D23.  B28.  C33.  C38.  D
4.      A9.      C14.  A19.  D24.  A29.  D34.  C39.  B
5.      A    10.  B15.  D20.  C25.  D30.  C35.  A40.  B






2024 BECE RME Mock Full Objective Test Questions With Answers

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