WASSCE 2023: Food and Nutrition Projected Questions

WASSCE 2023 Food and Nutrition questions

The Food and Nutrition paper for the WASSCE 2023 is scheduled to begin today, 28th August 2023. Here are our final projected questions for the food and nutrition paper.

Food and Nutrition is an easy subject to grab ‘A1’. Although it may be difficult for some candidates but you cannot to afford to fail Food and Nutrition paper in the WASSCE.

Candidates are advised to glance through these questions and make sure to solve these with their colleagues with few hours left to write their paper.

The total marks for the paper 2 of the Food and Nutrition is 40 marks. Candidates will be required to answer or attempt only four questions.

The allocated time for the Food and Nutrition paper is two hours. Paper 2 will be written first then followed by paper 1 with a break interval.

2023 WASSCE Food and Nutrition Questions (Projected)

1. Mention five importance of beverages in diet.

2. What are some three uses of napkins at the table.

3. What are some four differences between ‘buffet service and cocktail service’

4. Discuss four major factors that affects the formation of food habits.

5. List three examples of flatware.

6. Mention five importance of cooking food.

7. Explain the term ‘preservative’

8. Mention the basic ingredients for a coating batter

9. What is the difference between a coating and a pouring batter?

10. List five equipment required for packed meals.

11. Give a use each of (10)

12. Highlight nine(9) hygienic practices in the kitchen.

13. Mention five rules associated with kitchen hygiene

14. What is the main raising agent in batters

15. Identify five ways of serving fruits.

16. Distinguish between food preparation and cooking.

17. Mention three factors to consider when planning packed meals.

18. Mention four advantages of a well-planned kitchen.

19. Sketch and label two types of kitchen layout

20. Mention three differences between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

21. Discuss the principle underlying tea preparation.

These are our final projected Food and Nutrition questions for all 2023 WASSCE Home Economics students.

WASSCE 2023: Food and Nutrition Projected Questions

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