July 2023 BECE Mock Questions (English Language) Predicted Questions

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Education-News Consult remains one of the best mock setters for BECE candidates since 2021 and their mock questions which are based on projected examination topics have proven to be excellent in preparing BECE candidates for their examination.

In this post, we tease your sight and quest with skeletons sections of their July 2023 Final BECE Mock which is underway…

The July 2023 BECE Mock Questions (English Language) Predicted Questions are based on three years of BECE questions and having access to the questions which come with detailed marking schemes will go a long way to prepare candidates for their 2023 BECE.



July 2023 BECE Mock Questions (English Language) Predicted Questions



Answer one question only from this section

Your composition should contain at least 250 words.


  1. As the school prefect, you have been asked to address your ……… on the ……. Write your speech.
  2. Write …………………………….: Importance of …………………………………. and its impact on students’ overall well-being.
  3. As a student, write down the arguments for or against the motion, ……………..

How to get the full BECE 2023 July Mock Questions and Answers

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2023 BECE Final Super Mock Questions & Answers (July Edition)

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SECTION A Sample Questions

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July 2023 BECE Mock Questions (English Language) Predicted Questions

From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which MOST SUITABLY completes each sentence

1. The concert was so loud that it __________ my ears.
a) hurts
b) hurting
c) hurt
d) hurted

2. The new employee was __________ dressed for the corporate meeting.
a) good
b) best
c) well
d) better

3. I am looking forward to __________ you at the party tomorrow.
a) see
b) seeing
c) have seen
d) seen
4. The __________ dog barked at the mailman.
a) angry
b) angrier
c) angriest
d) angrily

5. Sarah is __________ fluent in French and German.
a) either
b) also
c) neither
d) too

6. The police officer asked the suspect __________ he had been at the time of the crime.
a) where
b) which
c) who
d) whom

7. The recipe calls for two __________ of sugar.
a) cups
b) cupfuls
c) cup
d) cupful

8. The __________ the merrier when it comes to celebrating birthdays.
a) more
b) most
c) many
d) much

9. The children were excited to __________ the zoo for the first time.
a) visit
b) visited
c) visiting
d) have visited

10.The car broke down __________ the way to the airport.
a) on
b) at
c) in
d) by


July 2023 BECE Mock Questions (English Language) Predicted Questions

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