2023 WASSCE: Likely Questions For Integrated Science

Download Free BECE Mock Questions and Answers For JHS3 Students 2023 WASSCE Integrated Science Questions

The 2023 WASSCE will officially begin on Monday 31st July 2023 to the 26th of September 2023. Here are some likely Integrated Science questions for the 2023 WASSCE.

Candidates are urged to solve these questions very well and also master the topics pertaining to these questions. Candidates are to note that these questions are NOT ‘APOR’ but our well-analyzed questions.

These questions are to guide candidates on what to expect in the Integrated Science for the 2023 WASSCE.

1. An atom of an element X has the electron configuration: 2, 8, 6.

(i) State the group and period the element is found in the periodic table.

(ii) Write the formula of the compound formed when element X and sodium react.

(iii) State the type of compound formed when element X and sodium react.

(iv) State three physical properties of the type of compound formed when element X and sodium react.

(b) (i) Distinguish between density and relative density.

(ii) State Archimedes’ principle.

(iii) An object weighs 250 N in air and 130 N when completely immersed in water. Calculate the relative density of the object.

(c) (i) State two functions of the mammalian skeleton. (ii) Name the type of vertebrae found in each of the following regions of the backbone;

1. neck region;

II. tail region;

III. abdominal region.

(d) (i) What is biotechnology?

(ii) State three applications of biotechnology.

7. (a) (i) What is a mixture?

(ii) Name the most appropriate method that could be used to separate a mixture of each of the following pairs of substances.

I. water and palm oil;

II. sodium chloride and water.

(b) (i) Name one instrument used in detecting radioactive emissions.

(ii) State how each of the following radiations are affected by a magnetic field:

I. a – particles;

II. B particles;

III. gamma – rays

(c) List two structures found in:

(i) plant cells only;

(ii) both animal and plant cells.

(d) (i) What is homeostasis?

(ii) Name three processes in the water cycle that takes water into the atmosphere.

Candidates are urged to seek for help and cross check for answers in their recommended text books to these questions.

We wish all 2023 WASSCE candidates the very best of luck in their examinations.

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2023 WASSCE: Likely Questions For Integrated Science

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